Diablo 3 getting more character slots

How to - More Stash Space - Diablo 3 ( more slots) - Duration: BussDriva DH 11, views ·. Will we get additional character slots to create characters, or will we need Having 1 more stash tab to fill it out and more character slots would  Additional character slots. The only way to get extra character slots is to buy Reaper of Souls, the and hopefully that will mean more character slots and more stash tabs. Armory question - Diablo III General Discussion. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. TrueDozenMarks TrueDozenMarks 1 year ago 10 Transmogs are fairly irrelevant. Blizzard thought it was smart to introduce seasons and have us remake characters every few months or so, they should have known we would run out of character slots. My only suggestion might be to make a gems only thing like I'm told was done with crafting supplies. One new tab will fill up in a few days of playing, maybe a week or two at tops. It would be painful if the space solution is solved by deleting. So we should have it when it becomes quasar gaming casino review


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